I’m Kati aka the person behind the camera! I’ve been a professional photographer for over ten years, capturing people on grand adventures around the world. Sometimes it’s an elopement in Italy and sometimes it’s a family stroll along the river. You decide!

When it comes down to life outside of photography, I like to think of myself as a well rounded person. I mean, I’m just as good at binge watching almost ANY type of show (with a strong preference for horror, romcom, scifi, and Friends) as I am at adventuring with my perfect puppies in the woods. 

“My Favorite Murder” is my go-to podcast and I love simple drinks like lemon juice, simple syrup and tequila (try it, you’ll loovvveee!). But more than anything I love photographing the connection between PEOPLE. There’s something about it that lights my soul on fire and gets my creativity flowing like a waterfall. I can’t wait to see where we go on our adventure.

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October 2023 we got married at Peter's family property and we not only got to include all our family and friends but the dogs and their friends were invited too! It made for the most epic dog filled day.

Recently Married my Favorite person

Three Fun Facts  

Photo by @mkf.photo

I found 30 waterfalls in the year before I turned 30 (including ones in Oregon, Montana, Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina).

This one is in Bozeman Montana and one of my wedding clients!! We did their engagement here and it was a dream come true!

Obsessed with Waterfalls

Three Fun Facts  

I love photos, I love my dogs, I love photographing my dogs... which led us to their own instagram. I love taking them on adventures but we also love staying home.

my dogs have an Instagram:

Three Fun Facts  

Three Fun Facts  

I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up, so graphic design seemed to be a good fit, but photography will always have my heart!

Started as a Graphic Designer

Three Fun Facts  

Three Fun Facts  

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