Helpful tips on bringing your dog to a photo session!

YOU HAVE A DOG, A PUPPY OR EVEN BOTH!? Are you ready for some tips on bringing your dog a photo session?  As an avid lover of dogs maybe even slightly obsessed, I know how important they are as a crucial family member! Who else is going to give you a full-body wag and slobbery face kisses every time you come home!? This means I am a strong advocate of having them in your engagement session and if possible in your Wedddding! YES! You’re probably thinking this sounds very stressful but it does not have to be. Let’s dive into some ways we can make including them as easy as possible!

Bring a point person
(pictured to the left)

Have a friend or family member tag along and help! They are in charge of the dog/s, wrangling them and helping get them into position for photos! This will relieve pretty much all the stress, but buy them a beer or two for their time 😉


Treats or whatever is high value to your pup… maybe even bring something brand new or special like chopped up hot dogs or a brand new tennis ball attached to a rope (like this), or a toy from home they can’t resist! Just make sure to bring plenty of whatever it may be so you don’t run out!

Neutral leash and collar

You can totally go a little overboard and get them something extra nice (like this ) especially if it’s for the wedding day but you can also just grab a black/brown/grey leash (like this) from anywhere for $11ish! It’ll look a bit better than their bright blue leash that’ll stick out like a sore thumb in photos.

A little pre-session work 

Take them to the place we’re having the session a handful of times before our session. Have them do plenty of sit & stays while you’re there! This way their excitement level will be WAY lower since it won’t be brand new anymore and being chill will come easier. The sits and stays will come in handy when I want them to tackle you for some of the cutest photos!


Here’s some more inspiration!

inspiration on bringing your dog to any photo session including your dog

inspiration on bringing your dog to any photo session including your dog

Hopefully, this gives you plenty of ideas and tips on bringing your dog to a photo session or even your wedding!! If you have any other specifics you need help on please don’t hesitate to reach out here 🙂

March 12, 2020

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