Engagement session with dogs

Have I ever mentioned I love dogs…no? Well, you haven’t been around enough! I absolutely love when couples bring their dogs to their engagement sessions. Dogs are 100% apart of the fam so they should be included in big moments like your engagement session (even better your wedding)!

Lexi, Jc, Apollo, and Otto! Such a cool crew. From skateboards to Lexi flying planes to dogs knowing tricks and even skatejoring! Their wedding is going to be absolutely fabulous with hopefully a sunset as amazing as this one! July can’t come soon enough!

Engagement session with dogs

I hope you enjoyed this fun couple and their dogs. If it’s inspired you to bring your dog to your sessions (I hope it did!) check out this blog post for some tips. Engagement sessions should be uniquely you so whether that’s your favorite spot, your dogs, or a favorite activity make sure you have FUN and it’ll show. Moral of this story, engagement session with dogs are the best!

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October 25, 2020

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