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Only one wedding left of the year, I cannot believe how fast this fall has gone (but yet 2020 went so slow..). I know SO many people getting engaged so I wanted to tell you all about an awesome website I’m collaborating with called Basic Invites. Planning a wedding is HARD, not that I’ve done it but I’ve seen it from all my friends and of course clients! I see how stressful, time-consuming, and how there are one million and one decisions to make. So other than photos I want to help the best way I can like finding awesome websites like Basic Invites! From customizable wedding sign in book to the perfect wedding invitations, Basic invites have it all. 


Wedding Invitations

You got your colors, flowers, hopefully, your photographer (me! *insert winky face*), and the next thing you need is an invitation for the actual event. Gotta invite your guest somehow! Basic Invites has a ton of invitation designs to choose from. Initially, it may seem overwhelming, it’s not! They can help you narrow it down by color, theme if you want to add photos, etc to make things simple!  Once you find one you LOVE you can try it before you buy it. You can hold your actual invitations and colored envelopes in your hands before you purchase them. How sweet is that?? It’ll help make things even more perfect. Need even more of a time saver?  They’ll even seal and send your wedding invites just hand over your address book and they have you covered. Seriously that sounds like the hardest part to me!



Wedding Sign In Book

On to the big day, details of your day are important as heck!! Finding little ways to look back on it will make you happy 10 years later.  A way for guests to sign in like a wedding sign in book is one of those ways! I absolutely love looking through old yearbooks and sign-in sheets from high school and college so I cannot imagine the memories you’ll get from having one at your wedding!  

Keepsake guest books are the perfect addition and they have yet again a ton to choose from. What makes it even easier this time is you can match it to your invitation style. BOOM. Another item to check off your list. 



Even beyond these two things Basic invites have you covered from a free wedding website to a  free printable wedding planner, they are here to help and I love it (they even have things I can use!). So go check them out and let me know if you use them, I would love to see what you pick out for your wedding. If you need any wedding inspiration check out my most recent wedding blog here.

wedding sign in book

October 25, 2020

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