Favorite Cincinnati Engagement Locations

Cincinnati is absolutely the coolest place with the most unique parks with lots of variety, I want to show you some of my favorite Cincinnati engagement (or just couples) locations. When thinking about where you should have your engagement sessions I always first suggest a place that has meaning. Where you had your first date, first met, favorite activity to do together etc. BUT! If you’re not feeling any of that and just want a pretty place that will let your personalities shine here are my fav places. And yes they are 100% Cincinnati classics, but they’re classics for a reason and I just can’t get enough of them!

Eden Park!

The overlook or mirror lake both can include Krohn’s Conservatory so variety is SO GOOD! A little city, a little park , cool bridges, ponds and views. OH and the light here is always so pretty!

Woodland Mound

I call this my hidden gem because I JUST discovered it. I probably went 10 times this past fall because the light was beyond perfect every time and it has the best sunset over the river. In the fall it has the prettiest field of tall grass and it’s like we’re in a whole new world!

Locust & Vine

The prettiest photo studio there ever was. Maybe you’re thinking you want a homey engagement session but your home doesn’t have the best light or you’re looking for a more moody decor, Locust & Vine has got your back. Full apartment, two rooms with different styles, a beautiful kitchen even a beautiful bathroom , it is well worth the $75 fee.

Valley View

This is actually a park I’ve been going to since I was 16 taking photos with friends and it is such a sweet little spot. Lots of walking will occur but it is so worth it! Between an old barn, fields and a cool forest with fun paths it’s really quite unique.

Over the Rhine

Last but not least, OTR. The best city vibes around with a new interesting background around every corner. Washinton Park, musical hall, rooftops, I’m not sure you could ask for any more!

Now! Which Cincinnati Engagement Locations would you choose?? Want more inspiration for your engagement or wedding? Join my facebook group for more or check out more engagement sessions here.

cincinnati engagement location: OTR

June 7, 2021

  1. Jamie snider says:

    Hello I was interested in your pet photography ! I wanted two get our two corgis pictures taken and wanted to get some info 🙂

  2. Whitney hill says:

    Hello, we have never been to valley view but it is somewhere that we would like to possibly get some engagement pictures done. This setting is perfect for us because we live in the county and farm, could you possibly do this setting for us and what are your prices.

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