Top 3 Tips for Prepping for Your Newborn Photos

I’ve done many many many in-home newborn sessions so I felt like it was time to share my top three tips to prep for your session. I hope they help!

Clean up a few spaces, not your entire house!

  1. Right off the bat, I will let you know you only have to clean up a few spaces, not your entire house. I promise I’m not here to judge! The best rooms I like to use are the nursery, main bedroom, and living room, but natural light always wins. If you have a room you think has great natural light (like the guest bedroom > master bedroom) we can discuss which rooms might be best before your session. One last thing to think about is moving unnecessary things from any of the spaces you plan on using. Keep corners cleaned up and anything you don’t typically use or don’t really want photographed throw it in a closet lol I’m all for hiding things! Tops of dressers or side tables minimize clutter too.

Open the blinds and turn off the lights!

  1. Open all the shades/ blinds and turn off ALL the overhead lights /lamps. As I mentioned, natural light is the best light. Before I arrive having all the blinds and shades in each room open would be amazing, we want as much natural light flooding in. If it ends up being too much light I can adjust but usually, a good starting point is fully open! As for lights and lamps, I know they seem necessary but I promise they’ll only hinder your beautiful photos!

Choose a time based on when they’re sleepiest!

  1. Let’s choose a time they’re the sleepiest. Sleepy newborns are the best little models, we want to get all the little details and calm bodies. It would be amazing if when I arrived they’d been fully fed, in a fresh diaper, and ready for a nap! By the end of the session, they’ll probably be more awake and we can get some eyes opened shots too. Obviously, this doesn’t always work out so if we need to do some feedings as the session goes we have plenty of time built-in.

I hope these top 3 tips for Prepping for your Newborn Photos alleviate a little stress as you prep for a very fun session. Want to learn more about newborn sessions? Check it out here! If you’re looking for some inspiration for your session or even what you could wear I have some things on Pinterest to check out.

May 10, 2023

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